3 Ways to Reset Your Mindset for Spring & Beyond

The first day of Spring, Spring One.

Did you hear my deep inhale and dramatic exhale way over there? There are some people that’ll say New Years is just a made up time to make a resolution, the beginning of a new month means nothing, or Monday is just an arbitrary day to start something. Okay, so I kind of agree—Don’t wait, start now!!—but I’m also a sucker for new beginnings. Made up or not, I love a [seemingly] fresh start.

I’m the kind of girl that breaks an hour of cardio into ten, ten minute victories, sometimes in five minute sprints that are half way over two and a half minutes in… I love a reason to celebrate and get right back at it.

That’s what the first day of Spring symbolizes for me: a celebration reward that we made it through Winter and a time to check in on our goals. Reset and recommit if need-be or celebrate and up the level if we’ve been crushing it. Of course you can do this on any day, at any point in time, but why not take advantage of such a naturally pivotal day as Spring One.

Dare I be cheesy enough to call this your springboard? No, I’m erasing that. It’s too much even for me.

Here are three ways to reset your mindset for Spring and beyond:

  1. Go outside.
    It might not feel or look like Spring yet but just go for a walk (albeit possibly in a parka) and picture it. Remind yourself where the flowers come up, how the trees look with leaves, and how energetic the park will be with golden sunshine. Who do you want to be when those things happen? Acknowledge they’re no longer distant dreams but right around the corner—we're now actually IN the season—so get to work.

  2. Get out your Spring/Summer wardrobe or purchase a new piece for it.
    If you notice in May that your jean shorts no longer fit, you’ve wasted two months that you could’ve been doing something about it. No one wants to spend the hot Summer months feeling uncomfortable. Keep an outfit or piece of clothing in your closet that makes you feel hopeful and inspired for what’s to come.

Side Note: NOT a tiny piece that’s just no longer meant for you and only makes you feel bad about yourself or not good enough. You are beautiful at any size! This is just about looking and planning forward.

  1. Set new goals.
    If you didn’t accomplish your Winter goals or have abandoned your 2023 resolution, eff those goals. They clearly didn’t inspire, motivate, or resonate with you. Just declaring, “Same goals, new start.” carries forward too much baggage and you’ve already demonstrated to yourself at least once that it’s okay if you don’t reach those goals. It’s Spring One, time for new goals that WILL be accomplished.

I would LOVE to know what you’re working on this Spring 2023. I’ll help however I can, especially as your hype girl always in your corner (and closet)! Drop a comment or shoot me an email (MermaidWalkingBoutique@gmail.com) as your first declaration of success.

Cheers to a new season, fresh motivation, and dreams becoming reality! Defy the odds.

Be the badass girl you were too lazy to be yesterday.

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