Defy the odds.

Unique clothing to remind you how badass you are.

You know when you put on a unique piece of clothing and immediately feel,
"I could rule the world in this!"

we provide that.

February 2024 Collection
Mob Wife
#Goals is being a baddie, calling the shots, taking care of the family, building the empire.
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January 2024 New Collection
Western Rebel
Do your clothes encourage you to live a meek, meager, unnoteworthy existence or do they infuse big, bold, legacy-leaving-living into your spirit?
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Hi, sassy!

I totally get that clothes, jewelry, worldly possessions don’t mean a thing in the grand scheme of what’s important in life. I’m not changing the world here. However, have you ever put on a new piece and it just made you stand up a little taller, act a little braver, feel a little more confident?

If a MWB piece can make you feel that way, maybe it's you that can change the world.

Mermaid Walking Boutique exists to remind you that you're as incredible & resilient as the idea of a mermaid walking, even if sometimes you may feel as awkward as a fish out of water.

Defy the odds,
Ali Joy

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