Adventures of a Mermaid Walking

  • Costume Lessons

    Sometimes you need to try on something entirely different to expand your view. 
  • 2020 Colorado Mobile Boutique of the Year Runner Up

    Mermaid Walking Boutique was named the 2020 Colorado Mobile Boutique of the Year Runner Up. Second place after only a year in business and half of that year we were quarantined.
  • This Time of Year is Big for Small Businesses

    But do you know why your local boutiques and small businesses are having sales this weekend?
  • Don't Be Basic, Or Do, Whatever

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you, like me, have an old-faithful favorite shirt. The one you go to when you’re in a rush, because you know it always fits. The one you go to when...
  • 2020 New Year's Resolutions

    Sometimes a resolution goes through stages of feeling impossible, until you're literally waiting for the announcement to walk into your after party, whispering with your best friend, "Holy $hit we did it!" (See a rare capture of that moment here.)
  • Tip for Switching Out Seasonal Clothing

    I don’t know if I’m “the norm” or a total weirdo but I love switching out my Winter clothes for Summer. I guess most people get fairly exci...
  • The New E-Wave

     It's time to adjust. I have a confession: I really hate most E-blasts or E-newsletters or whatever the marketing gurus are calling them nowadays....
  • Project: Spread Joy

    Let’s start a movement. Think of someone (or a couple someones) who you’ve noticed do something to lift others up, gone above & beyond, made you or someone else smile, been a helper. Or think of someone struggling right now, someone that has lost a little of their sparkle lately and could use a pick-me-up. Let's spread joy to them! Here’s how:

  • What’s In A Name? Why it’s called Mermaid Walking Boutique.

    Without skipping a beat, “Or Mermaid Walking” flew out like I’d been debating the two names for months even though this was the first moment I'd ever thought of either.
  • 2020 Vision Board

    When I sat down to define the style of Mermaid Walking Boutique at the beginning of 2020, a Webster-style definition wasn't going to cut it.