The Way She Shopped

This past weekend my most memorable guest in the fashion truck was a pre-teen with an edgy, super short pixie cut dripping in style. When I see a young girl with a short cut, I always make a point to compliment it. Regardless of what it looks like, making that bold chop as a young girl is brave. It says she’s daring enough to try a style that most girls won’t, and I’ll compliment that attitude all day, every day.
But I digress.
It wasn’t her haircut that I knew I needed to put into words.

It was the way she shopped.

Pre-teen/teen girls are some of my favorite MWB customers to watch in the fashion truck. When they look at a piece, their first thought is never, “Do I need this?” Or “How much does this cost?” Or even, “Will this fit me?” Nope.

They pick something up and wonder, “What girl at school or among my friend group would I be in this?” You can see it all over their face. They shop for clothes for the girl they want to be. I LOVE it!

Sure many of them are still figuring out who that girl is, honing in her style, and it might even change daily. That’s entirely okay and completely understandable. Most women at every age experience that to some degree. But regardless of who/what type of girl my young shoppers want to be at any fickle moment, they shop for that girl they want to become.

Even if the piece doesn’t quite fit yet...

When Mom’s saying it’s completely impractical...

Dad’s cringing he’s not ready…

She's only focused on who the girl that wore such a piece would be. She wants to become her.

Shouldn’t we all pick our clothes first and foremost because they are something the girl we're trying to grow into would wear? Shop like a preteen.  

 behind the scenes in MWB's fashion truck

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