How To Source Clothing For a Boutique

Well, how I do it... Behind the scenes.

Since starting Mermaid Walking Boutique, it has surprised me how many people walk into the fashion truck and ask where I get the clothes. I always find the question a little funny, like, do you walk into Nordstrom and ask them where they get their clothes? But I’m an open book so… 

shopping in the LA fashion district

I fill Mermaid Walking with various boutique brands, most all sourced from the LA Fashion District. Buying for the boutique is my second favorite part of the job, right after meeting and connecting with all of you.

When I source pieces for the boutique, I don’t have a scientific method or special retail formula (though most business coaches would say I should). For me, it’s a feeling. Something unique catches my eye and I ask myself if the piece says badass, if the piece inspires big dreams and bold living. If the answer is Yes, I check the price. It it’s a No, I keep hunting. It might sound amateur, but this buying method has built the style of Mermaid Walking, which not to brag but, has inspired many-a-badass to be a badass. That’s a ✅mission accomplished for this boutique.

la fashion district

This past week I was on a buying trip for MWB and—as I want our clothes to do—it inspired me to no end. The buying was mixed in with a meet-up/networking events with fellow boutique owners from across the country. A real community formed and friendships bonded. Though we were all different, hunting for very different clothing, a common thread went through every owner: we all care about our girls so damn much. Because of that, we all shared many of the same worries & wins, fears & aspirations, insecurities & sass. There was an abundance of boss babe, lets defy the odds and make all our crazy dreams come true energy on this trip and I know it affected and saturated every piece I brought home for our next collection.

Surround yourself with the people and clothing that have the energy you need, and the big audacious goals you want will follow suit.

(Puns always intended.😉)

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