Adventures of a Mermaid Walking

How To Source Clothing For a Boutique
Well, how I do it... Behind the scenes.
The Way She Shopped
This past weekend my most memorable guest in the fashion truck was a pre-teen with an edgy, super short pixie cut dripping in style. When I see a young girl with a short cut, I always make a point to...
Tales From Inside: A Fresh Start
Every time I have Louise (MWB’s fashion truck) out, there’s always someone (often times multiple someones) that I encounter that I can’t get out of my head for days, weeks, occasionally forever after. These people are the reason I fight...
August 2023 Fashion Truck Stops
Where to catch Louise (MWB's fashion truck) through August More Details: Rino Friday Night Bazaar Green Valley Ranch Farmers' Market Olde Town Arvada Farmers' Market Olde Town Arvada 2nd Saturdays Parker Farmers' Market
3 Things to Remember When Trying to Get Back On Track
My Temporary Conclusion of 75 Hard.
In my head I saw this blog post going entirely different.
The Salt of the Earth
He treated every year and each day as a gift. He spread joy everywhere he went and to everyone he met. Larry Lee Larsen defied the odds.
Mermaid Walking™️

MWB has been one-of-a-kind since day one but now there's a legal certificate to prove it.

MWB's Mission & Core Values

MWB really is about so much more than just selling unique clothing and accessories. We're about empowering what you will do in the clothes. That's where the real impact happens.

Interview with MWB Owner, Ali Joy
“Life is short,” took on a whole new meaning. I no longer assumed I had time to accomplish my dreams.
Costume Lessons
Sometimes you need to try on something entirely different to expand your view. 
2020 Colorado Mobile Boutique of the Year Runner Up
Mermaid Walking Boutique was named the 2020 Colorado Mobile Boutique of the Year Runner Up. Second place after only a year in business and half of that year we were quarantined.
This Time of Year is Big for Small Businesses
But do you know why your local boutiques and small businesses are having sales this weekend?
2020 New Year's Resolutions
Sometimes a resolution goes through stages of feeling impossible, until you're literally waiting for the announcement to walk into your after party, whispering with your best friend, "Holy $hit we did it!" (See a rare capture of that moment here.)
Tip for Switching Out Seasonal Clothing
I don’t know if I’m “the norm” or a total weirdo but I love switching out my Winter clothes for Summer. I guess most people get fairly excited to go Winter to Summer as it signifies warm weather and long...
The New E-Wave
 It's time to adjust. I have a confession: I really hate most E-blasts or E-newsletters or whatever the marketing gurus are calling them nowadays. I didn't spend a year gutting and remodeling an Airstream into a mobile boutique thinking, "Oh yeah...
Project: Spread Joy

Let’s start a movement. Think of someone (or a couple someones) who you’ve noticed do something to lift others up, gone above & beyond, made you or someone else smile, been a helper. Or think of someone struggling right now, someone that has lost a little of their sparkle lately and could use a pick-me-up. Let's spread joy to them! Here’s how:

Why it’s Named Mermaid Walking Boutique
Without skipping a beat, “Or Mermaid Walking” flew out like I’d been debating the two names for months even though this was the first moment I'd ever thought of either.