The New E-Wave

Land Yacht Overlander Airstream It's time to adjust.

I have a confession: I really hate most E-blasts or E-newsletters or whatever the marketing gurus are calling them nowadays. I didn't spend a year gutting and remodeling an Airstream into a mobile boutique thinking, "Oh yeah baby, I canNOT wait to create one hell of a bulk email to reach my customers!" Cringe.

I created Mermaid Walking Boutique to meet other gals like me-- the girls that feel the pull to live big but occasionally life can get us sidetracked. The go-getters that live loud but also appreciate a slow cup of coffee and quiet conversation. I wanted to provide tangible inspiration for these uniquely bad@$$ humans with the thoughtfully curated pieces MWB carries and real conversations that took place within my baked potato on wheels (AReal Airstream).

Then some moron ate a bat...

The world is adjusting and MWB must too. We're all grounded right now so I created a website for the boutique. And it's good that now mermaids walking across the US can access the tangible inspiration of MWB. But I miss the conversations, the encouraging words, fascinating stories, and inspiring ideas that a mobile boutique attracting amazing women gets to bare witness to. It's hard to recreate that experience on a website. 

Introducing the Mermaid Walking Boutique "E-wave." It's not an E-blast or E-newsletter to force sales on customers. You are not my customer; you are my people. This is my way of electronically waving. I'm planning to send an E-wave about once a week and I'd be so delighted if you ever want to wave back by replying to the email or commenting on social. My hope is that these waves move you in some way, even if that movement is just a smile.


Chat soon,
Ali Joy XX

It's super easy to securely sign up to receive the new e-Wave through this link!

***It's difficult to build an email list and I promise to never disrespect your email address by giving it to a third party. This is a secure sign-up form and you may unsubscribe at anytime.***

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