Costume Lessons

I HATE being scared. I hate all things scary. I hate monsters & spiders & serial killers & unsolved mysteries & even pumpkin spice. (I know, I know, sorry to all my basic sisters out there.)

But I love Halloween. I love the idea that the seasons are changing and we’re encouraged to try-on someone else’s skin, a different style, another way of being. We even get rewarded for it with candy (or dranks😜). 

Sometimes we need to try on a couple costumes, dress up like other people, to realize who we want, and don’t want, to be. With a new style comes a new perspective, a different outlook, and an opportunity for growth beyond your typical self. Throughout the years I’ve learned a couple lessons from from my Halloween costumes.

injured hockey player


Dressing as an injured hockey player (but in a football jersey?) I learned the extra attention you get when someone thinks you’re wounded is only nice for a minute. I decided then that I never want someone to look at me as a damaged victim.




hula dancer Halloween


Dressing as a hula dancer was cold, very cold and uncomfortable. The boy I was trying to impress saw through my costume that I was still a tomboy anyway. Just a very cold, uncomfortable tomboy. Don't bother wearing a costume for someone else.




Amelia Earhart costume


Dressing up as Amelia Earhart taught me I really like the kind of attention a girl gets when she can make things herself. I was so proud of that cardboard box airplane.




rockstar and groupie Halloween costumes 

Dressing like an 80’s groupie to compliment my two-year-old’s rockstar costume showed me supporting someone else’s success and time in the lime light can feel just as rewarding as if you were the star of the show yourself, better really.





geisha Halloween costumes


Dressing up as a geisha taught me you can be in the same old boring place but changing your outfit can change the whole experience. My best friend and I got all ready for a Halloween party only to decide we’d rather not go. If you’ve never spent an evening drinking wine dressed as a geisha in your living room, 10 out of 10 I highly recommend!


Sometimes you need to try on something entirely different to expand your view. For encouraging people to try new looks without judgement, I love Halloween.

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