This Time of Year is Big for Small Businesses

Time is money but timing is everything.

A three-day weekend is on the horizon! In case you didn't know, Labor Day was created to acknowledge American workers' contributions to the strength and prosperity of our country. It's for hardworking YOU! I hope you take this long weekend to rest and squeeze in one last Summer barbeque before Fall sneaks in—or whatever you want to do.

Fair warning: In an attempt to take advantage of your extra free time, nearly every big box store in the country will inevitably host huge sales to entice you to spend your extra weekend hours shopping. Never mind their already record-breaking year as "essential businesses," they'll gladly take any extra time you have to feed their stock prices.

But do you know why your local boutiques and small businesses are having sales this weekend? Timing. It's the time of year when local Fall sports teams are asking us for sponsorship. (Because that's who they ask, the local small businesses.) Schools are looking for theatre donations. Booster clubs need commitments. PTA fundraisers are just getting started. On top of that many of us don’t operate on huge profit margins so we struggle to get inventory for Fall until Summer is cleared out, or we already have Fall arriving and we aren’t sure where it’s going to fit with all of our Covid Summer leftovers.

For local small businesses, it’s not about exceeding some sales goal set by corporate. It’s about being able to support our community and our own family as we collectively transition into Fall. Small business owners feel Labor Day—the working man’s holiday—on a whole other level.

Before you fasten on a mask and run to the Labor Day sales at the same big box stores you’ve already been shopping at all throughout quarantine, please consider shopping small this weekend.

Always here for you,
Ali Joy XX


Small business. Big heart.

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