The Salt of the Earth

Larry Lee Larsen

I’m sure you’ve noticed a little less sparkle in the world this past week. My incredible father-in-law, Larry Lee Larsen, moved to Heaven last Wednesday, March 29th.  Have you ever met someone that just listened and spoke to you so genuinely, you immediately felt loved and special? Larry could do that even with a perfect stranger. He had such a warm heart, vivacious smile, and infectious laugh. To meet him was to completely fall in love with him. I really can’t put into words a worthy description.

Larry Lee Larsen was the third generation owner/operator of his family business, Larsen Warehousing & Distribution, Inc. His father passed away when Larry was just 25 years old (with his first child on the way), but Larry rose to the occasion, taking the helm of the family business and growing it into a small empire. Larry used the business to support his beloved wife & three children, sponsor countless youth sports teams, probably built a church or five with his generous donations, unconditionally supported his pride & joy grandsons, gave the shirt off his back and shoes off his sore feet to anyone that asked, and ultimately ministered to 50+ years worth of Larsen Warehouse employees, incoming truck drivers, business associates, and customers without ever forcing a word. Larry’s actions said it all. He was the salt of the Earth.

Most of the men in Larry’s family didn’t make it past their 50’s and Larry took that to heart. He treated every year and each day as a gift. He spread joy everywhere he went and to everyone he met. Larry Lee Larsen defied the odds.

 Larsen family

My father-in-law was everything I aim to be in life. Beyond it! Nothing made me swell with more pride than when he’d include me with Devon, the apple of his eye, and refer to us as, “My daughters.” (Many of you have met my amazing sister-in-law, Devon, helping MWB at events.) Larry took me and my son in as family from day one. He loved us unconditionally, as was his style. He had the best style—in a million ways!!
Mermaid Walking Boutique wouldn’t be what it is today without Larry’s loving guidance, generous support, and enthusiastic encouragement. I’m going to make him proud by loving & living like Larry until I get to join him in Heaven. I know he’ll have a member pour ready for me.❤️

Larry Larsen of Golden, CO


  • Mary Weaver

    Salt of the earth he was. Met him in the 70s shortly after becoming a Christ follower. His character was perhaps The only man who matched my husband’s character. They are hard to find but Joyce and I succeeded. Every day they made it a little but better. Love, Mary

  • Mary Jane Whyte

    May the circle be unbroken bye and bye Yeshua bye and bye❤️

  • Cathy

    I’m so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to him. He sounds like an amazing man. Prayers for you all and a big hug.

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