MWB's Mission & Core Values


I have so many grand ideas in my head about all that I want MWB to be, do, and mean. Seriously, I have journal after journal full of this flame, written a billion different ways. I'm often overwhelmed with how I just want to tell you all of it, all at once, in one ridiculous novel disguised as a blog post. But inevitably so much detail would be overlooked because it'd be like drinking from a firehose.

So I'm going to start with a slow drip, at the very beginning, with the purest baseline foundation of any company: our mission and core values.


MWB's Mission

Leave a genuinely positive impact being every woman's hype girl, reminding her she's a total badass capable of anything she sets her mind to.

MWB's Core Values

  1. Live every day to the fullest.
         Life is a gift and we waste no time living mediocre.

  2. Defy the odds.
         With God, grit, and grace anything's possible and you're capable.

  3. Show up as her.
         The person you want to be someday, be her today.

  4. Make waves & leave a legacy you're proud of.
         Integrity, honesty, empowerment, love, creativity, bravery,           .

MWB really is about so much more than just selling unique clothing and accessories. We're about empowering what you will do in the clothes. That's where the real impact happens.

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