Mermaid Walking™️

Mermaid Walking™️ is officially trademarked!

I began working with a lawyer to get this process started in November 2021. Do I even need to say, "This has been a long time coming!"

Waiting for so long to hear if Mermaid Walking would be approved, I had no idea when it might happen. Honestly, most days I forgot about it all together. But on March 28th, 2023 I was officially granted the trademark rights for Mermaid Walking.

AReal Airstream 1969 Land Yacht Overlander

I had absolutely no say in that date but it's so perfect. March 28th is my best friend's son's birthday. When she was pregnant with him (five years ago), I purchased the vintage Airstream that I would spend almost two years remodeling into my first mobile boutique fashion truck, AReal Airstream. Though I declined a pregnancy pact😜, I joked that we were both building babies.

I'm so pleased to say my baby, Mermaid Walking Boutique, is now officially trademarked. MWB has been one-of-a-kind since day one but now there's a legal certificate to prove it.



  • Louise Dolph

    Wow congrats
    That is fantastic
    Love and blessings to you for the grand future

  • Karen Duster


  • Suzanne Schimpeler

    Ali, wow! You’ve earned every bit of what you are gettingback! Even though you move like a freight train, I’m so happy that you have Mermaid Walking Boutique trademarked!


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