Project: Spread Joy

My favorite part of doing events with Mermaid Walking Boutique is handing out compliments, smiles, and kind words to everyone that comes into the Airstream. Unfortunately, like the rest of the country right now I am grounded and practicing social distancing. So last week with my surplus of time I sent out my wedding invitations (pause for a brief prayer that it can still happen come June). I received so many text messages about how much my friends and family appreciated the bright spot in their mailbox, especially right now. I want to spread that positive glimmer.

I want to spread joy but I need your help.

Let’s start a movement. Project: Spread Joy

Think of someone (or a couple someones) who you’ve noticed do something to lift others up, gone above & beyond, made you or someone else smile, been a helper. Or think of someone struggling right now, someone that has lost a little of their sparkle lately and could use a pick-me-up. Let's spread joy to them! Here’s how:

PLEASE email me their name, a sentence about why you thought of them, and their snail mail address. I will write them a handwritten Thank You note and snail mail them a $10 gift card for (so anyone across the country, even in quarantine can feel special). This is at absolutely NO COST to you and it is a real, legit gift card that can be used on anything in Mermaid Walking Boutique with no minimum purchase or hidden scam. This is about spreading Joy even through the confines of social distancing—send a smile.

Simply email

  1. The special recipient’s name

  2. A line about why they're special

  3. Their snail mail address

I’ll mention that the gift card/thank you note is because you were thinking of that person unless you’d rather it arrive anonymously. Just note that in your email to me.

If you would rather send your own Project: Spread Joy notes, that’s awesome and I’d be more than happy to mail you some MWB gift cards for your notes. Simply email me your address and how many gift cards you need. Just please promise to actually pass out the gift cards and spread Joy, not waste them.

Some ideas of people to spread joy to:

  • Alllll the nurses and medical professionals!!!!
  • Teachers, anyone homeschooling right now knows a new level of appreciation for these angels.
  • Small business owners, we’re all quite anxious right now.
  • Working moms trying to play teacher, ringmaster, and CEO.
  • Stay-at-home moms who’s workload has just doubled and been confined to the house.
  • The girls in your Bunko group you can’t play with.
  • Your favorite barista, waitress, bartender, hairstylist, massage therapist, yoga instructor, personal trainer, coach, anyone temporarily out of work.
  • The saint cashier at Walmart, Target, Costco, local grocery store.
  • Alllll the girlfriends that have text or called to check on you.

Let’s Spread Joy!

Email Ali (It’s just me, guys, no one else will get your email or be given any of the information you share.) at

 Mermaid Walking Boutique gift card



The mission behind Mermaid Walking Boutique is to provide tangible inspiration (clothing, accessories, & gifts) that remind women how magic they are and encourage them to tap into their inner badass (we all have one).


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