Adventures of a Mermaid Walking

How To Source Clothing For a Boutique
Well, how I do it... Behind the scenes.
2020 Colorado Mobile Boutique of the Year Runner Up
Mermaid Walking Boutique was named the 2020 Colorado Mobile Boutique of the Year Runner Up. Second place after only a year in business and half of that year we were quarantined.
Don't Be Basic, Or Do, Whatever
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you, like me, have an old-faithful favorite shirt. The one you go to when you’re in a rush, because you know it always fits. The one you go to when...
Project: Spread Joy

Let’s start a movement. Think of someone (or a couple someones) who you’ve noticed do something to lift others up, gone above & beyond, made you or someone else smile, been a helper. Or think of someone struggling right now, someone that has lost a little of their sparkle lately and could use a pick-me-up. Let's spread joy to them! Here’s how:

MWB Style Vision Board
When I sat down to define the style of Mermaid Walking Boutique at the beginning of 2020, a Webster-style definition wasn't going to cut it.