MWB Style Vision Board

What's the style of a mermaid walking? Now that's a big question. We're all unique; that's what makes us magical. We're inspired by different things, and the same things, and different same things at different same times. Do you see where I'm going here?

When I sat down to define the style of Mermaid Walking Boutique at the beginning of 2020, a Webster-style definition wasn't going to cut it. I went through tons of magazines (I have a real problem with throwing those works of art away...) and pulled clips that hit my soul. This vision board was the product.

Mermaid Walking Boutique 2020 Vision Board

When I search for tangible inspiration (clothing and accessories) to stock Mermaid Walking Boutique I picture if each piece would fit this vision. There are no "fillers" in MWB. Everything was curated on a gut feeling that it will inspire someone. 

Don't add anything to your wardrobe unless you can picture yourself making waves wearing it.

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