Don't Be Basic, Or Do, Whatever

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you, like me, have an old-faithful favorite shirt. The one you go to when you’re in a rush, because you know it always fits. The one you go to when you aren’t sure what the day holds, because you know it works for nearly any adventure (or Netflix binge). The one you go to when your trendy statement bottoms need a staple piece to balance the look, because we all need a certain level of comfort to be bold.

Lately I find myself turning to my faithful favorite shirt often. Something about this back-to-school time of year, whether you have kids “going” back to school or not, just feels hectic as long Summer days shorten and we all attempt to emerge from our quarantine cocoons. I was inspired to add some sassy basics to Mermaid Walking Boutique. We’re all still figuring out a new normal and it might be time for a new favorite tee to depend on when it's hard to see ahead.

The basics I just added are comfortable, versatile, and ready to be your new favorite--just as a good basic should be. But these basics have flair, details, and unique characteristics that make them anything but basic.

(Click the pic to better see the top.) 

Can't Tear Me Down Tee  The Little Tease

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