2020 Colorado Mobile Boutique of the Year Runner Up

A longtime coming "overnight success."

Back in 2009 I read an article in Nylon Magazine about this thing that had popped up in NYC, Austin, and Portland (maybe other places, too, but those were the cities that were featured) called fashion trucks. They were like food trucks but with clothing. I was enamored by the idea and wanted so badly to be that girl—the kind of girl that had a fashion truck. I wanted to be a boutique owner that got to travel to cool events, meet all kinds of interesting people, and curate unique pieces that would inspire.

It took nearly a decade but in November 2017 I bought a 1969 Airstream to renovate. I was blissfully naïve. I mean, like so naïve that I didn’t realize my Xterra couldn’t even pull the 27ft, 50-year-old trailer. I had to get a hitch, and a saw, and a crowbar, and a drill, and a thousand other things. Then I had to learn how to use all the things (Thank you, YouTube). But I did it!

Almost exactly one year ago, in September 2019, Mermaid Walking Boutique in AReal Airstream launched. And you’ll never believe what just happened...

Mermaid Walking Boutique was named the 2020 Colorado Mobile Boutique of the Year Runner Up. Second place after only a year in business and half of that year we were quarantined. This was a popular vote competition (You can learn more about it here.) that MWB was entered into by default for being a mobile boutique but I didn’t do any campaigning for votes. I didn’t even bother to go to the website to vote for myself because I just assumed it was a lost cause. You guys, there are so many ridiculously rad mobile boutiques in Colorado with incredible followings. I’m blown away. Thank you for supporting Mermaid Walking Boutique!

I love you more,
Ali Joy XX


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